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HealthMonth.comHealth Month is a web-based game for people who want to improve their health. As its creators themselves say, Health Month is all about combining the science of nutrition and behavior change with the concept of social game playing. The idea here is to let you improve your health, one month at a time. You choose the one aspect you would like to improve from the following ones: dietary, fitness, relationship, mental health and financial health.

A rule will be set down for that month, such as eating more vegetables, smoking half the number of cigarettes you habitually smoke, or sitting less in front of your computer, and doing more exercise. Anyway, you will work at that for the whole month, after which you will add new rules and try to abide by them. Until rule by rule and month by month you have overcome all that there was in the way of leading a healthier life.

This is a really interesting approach – the more seriously you take some situations, then the harder it is to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. It is important to learn to let your hair down, to take things more calmly. Sites like this one are necessary for people to understand that relaxation will lead them to where they want to get much faster. So, this gets a definitive thumbs-up from me. In Their Own Words

Live healthier, for fun!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that makes for leading a healthier lifestyle is welcome, and if it is something as flexible as this, then it is all the better for that.

Some Questions About

How many new rules can you add in the same month?