– Send Gifts To Your Twitter Friends

Gwitr.comIf there is something that lazy people can be thankful for when it comes to social networks, then that is how easy they make for remembering birthdays and sending people their best wishes in a matter of minutes. Sites like Facebook make it extremely simple to be reminded about birthdays, and send virtual gifts to acquaintances in no time at all. And as Facebook becomes more and more popular, then the popularity and overall acceptance of virtual gifts can but go up and up. As such, it is certainly good to have a service like Gwitr around – a service that basically enables us to send virtual gifts to our friends on the Twitterverse.

Using this site is as easy as authenticating who one is via Twitter, and then choosing any of the featured gifts for it to be delivered to any person who is part of his contacts. It is as straightforward as that. Nothing needs to be paid, and no other kind of information has to be disclosed. Your friend will get the gift, and you will come across as a truly sunshine person. In Their Own Words

Send virtual gifts to your friends on Twitter!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for sending gifts to all our acquaintances and loved ones on Twitter in a flash.

Some Questions About

What if you want to send a gift that is not featured in the provided list? What can be done in that case?