– A Better Way To Use Sticky Notes

GumNotes.comGum Notes is a practical service that will let you attach notes to any document, website or email of yours in order to stay organized and be more productive. And once these notes have been created, they can easily be shared with just whomever you like.

This means that you can annotate a document for a coworker and have it shared as easily as you can annotate a website that you found funny, and that you want your friends to see. In that case, the sticky note that you are sharing will let your friends focus exactly on the part of the site that made you laugh.

Gum Notes can be installed and used for free. It is a small file (about 5 MB), and the installation wizard will guide you all the way through.

Once it has been installed, using the application is a matter of opening the Gum Notes window in the sys tray bar and writing a note that will then become attached to the document, window or email that you are visualizing. Next time you (or your friends/colleagues) open it, the note will be there for all to see. In Their Own Words

“There are many ways to create sticky notes and comments on your desktop! But ever wondered where all your important notes have disapeared when you need them? GumNotes is a great little program for users who just want sticky notes whereever you need them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really convenient service – it can be put both to professional and leisure uses, and it costs nothing.

Some Questions About

Will other operating systems be supported later on?