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Grapholite.comGrapholite is a web-based tool that makes creating graphs, charts and diagrams an absolute cinch. It is usable right on the browser, and it can be employed to come up with just anything you might need: organizational charts, floor plans, network diagrams… In each and every case, we are talking about an application that can be used at no cost. And we are talking about an application that can be used from any browser, too. Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox are all supported to the same degree.

And every single diagram that you create via Grapholite can be saved in all the most popular text and image formats currently used, and imported into your favorite application(s).

It must also be mentioned that Grapholite is available in a desktop version. This means that if you begin using it extensively and you know you are going to be somewhere there is limited or no connectivity, then that should be no problem. Simply have a copy of it on your PC (or Mac) and launch it when the time comes to get the job done as usual. In Their Own Words

Online diagramming tool.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really agile tool – using it is incredibly easy, and so is exporting what you have created to other applications.

Some Questions About

Will Linux ever be supported, too?