– A Task Manager For Your Google Account

GQueues.comGQueues can be accurately defined as a task manager for your Google and Google Apps accounts that can be used at no cost, and that comes complete with a sheer number of functionalities. These include the ability to add tags and subtasks, as well as letting you assign tasks to others on the spot.

All of these activities become easier if only because full integration with Google Calendar is provided, and you can always arrange everything using colors in order to have a quicker visual representation of the what needs to be done, and when.

Another thing that you can take care of through the site is the handling or repeating tasks, as GQueues will let you determine the frequency these are carried out and remind you about it all when the time comes.

In order to start using GQueues, all that you have to do is sign in via your Google or Google Apps account. Once you have done so, you will be ready to start benefiting from the smart queuing system offered by this company. In Their Own Words

“A full-featured task manager for your Google Account™ and Google Apps™ account!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for anybody to coordinate his activities and ensure nothing falls behind schedule ever again.

Some Questions About

Which features could be added to the already-existing ones?