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GoSportNet.comLetting organizers, coaches and team managers list sports tournaments and leagues online is what GoSportNet is all about. That can be done at just no cost, and the idea is to one day cover the whole of the US. An effort is being made to include as many representative sports as possible, and (so far) eight different sports are featured. Baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball are among these. And a category named Misc. Sports is where the ones that are yet to be classified are found.

Multiple tournaments and leagues can be added by organizers, and teams can be divided into groups, rounds and games. League registrations can be tracked in real time, and payments can be both approved and rejected. And notifications can be served if a payment is refused.

GoSportNet also makes it very easy to manage teams on waiting lists, and team roster sheets can easily be printed for them to sign. In addition to that, automated email communications and a message board are provided for users to remain connected at all times.

GoSportNet.com In Their Own Words

Online sports listings and management services.

Why GoSportNet.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let teams from all over the country stay connected at all times, and manage all their activity in an effortless way.

Some Questions About GoSportNet.com

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