GoClio.com – For Lawyers Wanting To Hone Their Skills

GoClio.comClio can be defined as a web-based practice management tool that will let practitioners hone their skills in a dynamic and safe setting. It is also suitable for small firms that want to train their lawyers in a cost-effective way, and the fact that Clio is a wholly browser-based application simply makes it all the more compelling for everybody.

After all, it means that practices can take place from the any spot, at the time that suits everybody best. As the say on the site “Your practice is wherever you are”.

Accounts include a sheet for the tracking of activities, the reporting of time and the analysis of performances. Furthermore, using Clio is very easy to take care of the online payment of bills – you can receive their payments through the provided Clio ClientConnect, and the hassle of doing it physically will thus be minimized. And it is also possible to share documents with clients, and highlight the progresses that are being made in that way. Note that a free trial is provided for every type of account, too, so if you want to try Clio to the full that is perfectly possible.

GoClio.com In Their Own Words

“Clio makes practice management easy with a full suite of tools targeted specifically at the needs of sole practitioners and small firms.”

Why GoClio.com It Might Be A Killer

Small firms will just find it a time (and cost) effective way to let their lawyers fine tune their skills.

Some Questions About GoClio.com

How many Lawyers are supported for account? Is there a limit? Can it be expanded? GoClio.com