GoaQoo.com – Asking Questions In An Anonymous Way

GoaQoo.comI think that it was a French philosopher the one who said that if we could look into people’s minds the things we would find would be things to worry indeed, and that nobody could extricate himself from a certain degree of insanity. I agree with that, and I think that such latent insanity is derived from all the things that we should express or ask and that we keep to ourselves.

If only there were a way to ask people all these things that run circles through our brains, there would be a lesser margin for speculation and pointless ruminations. And this new site attempts to make that come true.

In principle, it offers a system whereby anybody can ask anonymous questions to his friends. People can ask questions amounting to as much as 500 characters, and their friends will receive these along with a nickname that the inquisitive one chooses when submitting the question. The person will then decide whether he will answer it or not.

That is the big thing- whether people are willing to answer an entirely anonymous question or not. And if we take into account that something which is asked anonymously is not something that could be asked in person, then the likelihood of receiving an answer seem to vanish in thin air. However, I think that there is where the key appeal of the site lies – you have to ask the question and choose a nickname that shows the other you are not an utter stranger, and do so without disclosing who you are. That is where the fun lies.

GoaQoo.com In Their Own Words

“Do you want to know more about your friends? Ask any question you want from them anonymously!”

Why GoaQoo.com It Might Be A Killer

It can become quite a fun way to learn more about others if you know how to use it best.

Some Questions About GoaQoo.com

Are answers limited in characters in the same way that questions are? GoaQoo.com