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Gnift.comIf finding the perfect gift for a new connection is turning into too much of a hassle, then this service might just pull you up for good. Gnift can be defined as a platform for matching people with these gifts that are suitable for them. This is done by having you individualize the friend you want to buy something for on Facebook. The application will analyze his profile to tell you exactly what he might like to get. And it will do more than that, as it can also show you where such items can be had.

That is, Gnift can point you to these online retailers where these items your friends would most certainly enjoy receiving as birthday gifts can be purchased at the best prices.

And if you need even more assistance and inspiration, you might as well browse the most popular gifts and see which kind of products are trending at any moment in time. Any way or the other, will let you come up with what you need to impress both old and new acquaintances. In Their Own Words

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The site makes it very easy for us to find the right gifts for the people who have just come into our lives.

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