– Discovering New Content Smoothly

Glydo.comGlydo is an add on for Firefox that will let you find new content in a very smooth setting indeed. The way it works is really simple and unobtrusive, as (upon being installed) it will recommend new content to you as you are browsing the WWW as usual.

Technically speaking, Glydo is an “associative content discovery service”. The relevant content comes from a long string of associations that take into account Twitter, YouTube and Flickr along with RSS feeds and services such as Amazon. The recommendations that are put your way are born out of associations made with all those, and they are presented to you as headlines on the Firefox bar. Hence, they will not clutter your navigation – they are always there, and you can pay them the heed you want. You can ignore them if you wish to focus on any article you are reading, and if you become bored by what seemed promising you just jump to a new page using Glydo.

All in all, an easy, fast and free way to make connections on the Web. The potential for discovery something like this has is staked quite high, and I really like how little invading it is. In Their Own Words

“Why surf when you can Glyde?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one makes for unearthing appealing content on the WWW with little effort.

Some Questions About

Is there anything comparable to this for other browsers?