– Glitter Text For Your Profile

Glitter.imNowadays, there are more ways than one to have a spiffier social profile. There is a certain trend to let you do more with pictures – splitting them up, coloring them, using borders and backgrounds… the amount of applications for doing that on Facebook alone are endless. But no matter how far things are taken, there is something that is never going away: applying glitter effects to the actual texts within your profile.

And that is exactly what this new web tool lets you do. On this site, you will be allowed to choose a font and different glitter effects for an embed code to be generated. Upon pasting it on your profile, you will be unleashing the desired effect.

Revolutionary? Novel? Unique? Not really. But it is as useful as ever when it comes to telling the world that Edward Cullen is the cutest character in celluloid history. And it is completely free. In Their Own Words

Glitter text generator.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Applying glitter effects is always an effective way to enliven your profile up.

Some Questions About

Can you choose the font size as well?