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Giftery.meGiftery solves the problem of not knowing what to get for your friends when their birthdays come, at the same time that it lets them know what kind of gift you’d love to get when it’s your turn to sit with a cone-shaped hat at a table, blushing while everybody is singing “Happy birthday to you…” in spirited voices. Giftery lets you create a wishlist that can include items from just any site on the Internet, letting all your friends know for sure what would make for a top birthday present.

And there’s more to the site than just letting you and your friends know what each other wants for his birthday. The site lets you choose gifts for plenty more events, including weddings, graduations, anniversaries and even bachelor parties. You simply pick the one event you’re celebrating from a drop down menu, give it a name, and choose your gift. And once the page for the event has been created, then you can have that shared on Facebook and Twitter, for all of your friends to know where to look for inspiration.

Lists on Giftery can be created for free, and registration also comes at no cost. And as a user of the site, you’ll be able to get gift reminders, at the time you see fit. In Their Own Words

What’s on your wishlist? List it. Share it. Get it.

Some Questions About

What if the item you want is rare (IE a collectible) and it can’t be found in regular stores?