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GetVetter.comTeams would work a lot better if there were a way to keep ideas and initiatives anonymous. That would mean people would focus on what’s being suggested, not on who has suggested it. Because a fact is a fact: we disregard even the greatest of ideas when they come from a colleague we’re not really on good terms with. We won’t admit the greatness of what he’s suggesting, and we’ll put a spoke on the company’s wheels just because we have a problem with the person who’s suggested it.

Vetter aims to do something about that. This new productivity tool lets people who work together remain anonymous when submitting ideas. If you have a company, implementing something like Vetter would mean that team decisions would remain completely unbiased.

Those who are part of your team will be able to submit ideas for products and events, without anybody knowing the identity of the person who’s submitted anything. Others will vote on what’s being submitted, and these ideas that get at least a two-star rating are going to be packaged into an email for you (the boss) to read. You can choose how often you will receive this email. According to how big your team is (and how engaged they become), you can choose to have this email delivered daily or weekly.

Vetter is a paid service, and four different plans are available. They are “Start-up”, “Plus”, “Premium” and “Max”. You’ll choose one based on how many people work for you. The “Start-up” plan costs $19 per month, and it can handle up to 25 users. On the other hand, the “Max” plan can support as much as 250 unique users. It costs $199/month. In Their Own Words

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How many people can receive the email digest with all the top ideas? How many people can be labeled as “bosses”, and get this email on their inboxes?