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GetHopper.comServices like Citelighter (which let you highlight web content and have it all indexed) are certainly powerful and flexible, but just in case you need an easier alternative to saving and retrieving online information then this new application will do. Hopper lets you save content such as texts, images and links by copying and pasting it (using Ctrl + V), or just by dragging it into the webpage. That will let you get the content back whenever you need it later on. Any device that can access the Internet will let you get it back again, right as if it were on your HD or ZIP drive.


And in addition to being incredible easy to use, Hopper has got the great plus of working without registration. Accounts can be created if you want to organize your data and have it tidied up, but the service can be used without having to sign up for it first. Which turns it into a great tool for capturing content on the fly, of course. You see something you like, you open Hopper on a separate tab and then drag the images or texts there. End of the story. In Their Own Words

Hopper lets you paste and upload text, links, images, and files in moments and is accessible from anywhere. It?s as easy as pressing Ctrl + V.

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Will Hopper always remain free to use?


Author : Roger Hollings

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