Fytch.com – Annotating The Web As You Go

Fytch.comWhat could you do if you came across a page whose content you couldn’t agree/disagree with more while doing some random surfing, and the page in question does not support comments? You could resort to a tool like Fytch. Broadly speaking, it is a solution for annotating any webpage that you come across, without the need to leave the page and head somewhere else.

The idea is that all the people that begin using Fytch will be able to read these comments, and then a community of individuals who share their thoughts and opinions will be formed.

Above all, the aim is to make freedom of speech on the Internet a tangible reality. That is a noble objective, and you might agree or not with the way this system is implemented but you can not question the sentiment that has inspired it.

Registration to the site (and usage) comes at no cost. Alternatively, you can login using a third party account – Twitter, Facebook et al are supported. That means that if you have something to get off your system or some praises to sing Flych will do the trick right away.

Fytch.com In Their Own Words

“Fytch enables you to write and read comments at any web site. Immediately while browsing, without leaving the page you are on. Using Fytch, people all around the world easily share their thoughts, opinions, ideas and reviews. Directly available at the website where they refer to.”

Why Fytch.com It Might Be A Killer

It attempts to make freedom of speech a reality for every person who uses the web.

Some Questions About Fytch.com

What improvements are to be made before the site loses its beta label? Fytch.com