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FundApex.comA visit to this site is mandatory if you’re looking for ways to make your ETF investment performance start picking up some true pace. FundApex can analyze years and years of historical data along with the current momentum of over one thousand of the most traded ETFs in order to advise you on what would be the soundest investment decisions. To all effects, FundApex is here to provide casual investors with the kind of guidance that was previously privative to those who could hire professional help in order to learn where and when to invest. FundApex takes momentum investment, and turns it into something which can be understood and assimilated by just anybody.

Registration to the service itself comes at no cost, and upon having created an account you can proceed to set up your ETF investment watchlist and portfolio goals. FundApex will then start to screen the current state of the ETF momentum, and based on that (and the goals that have been set down) it will recommend the best possible ETFs to invest in. This monitoring process takes place 24/7, and alerts are automatically sent whenever truly good chances materialize. In Their Own Words

Go professional with your ETF investments.

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Can someone who is utterly new to the world of ETF investments use this site right away? Or is a certain proficiency needed to get going?