– For The Creation Of Mockups

FrameBox.orgFrame Box is a new Internet tool for the easy creation of mockups. Any designer can come to the site and start dragging and dropping elements around. This flexibility is made possible because the site has been built using Java. Hence, components such as boxes, texts, buttons and links can be easily positioned.

And once the mockup has been created, it can be shared with just any person you collaborate with by sharing the link that is attributed to each individual frame. The other persons will be able to suggest his very own changes and modifications, and the mockup will then begin taking its definitive shape.

In addition to working entirely on the browser, Frame Box has the definitive plus of being free to use. By merely creating an account you will be allowed to start using this service to the full, and sketch as many frames with your colleagues as you could need to carry any project of yours to completion. In Their Own Words

Lightweight tool for creating mockups.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will make getting these mockups together with the rest of your team that much easier.

Some Questions About

Will Frame Box always remain a free application?