– Mashing Up Foursquare With Google Maps

FourWhere.comFourWhere is the result of mashing up Foursquare with Google Maps, and it is a service that will enable you to pinpoint the exact situation of any place that members of the location-based social network are talking about. In that way, if everybody is buzzing about this or that place and you are bitten by curiosity you will be empowered to find out exactly where that is.

Alternatively, you can take the opposite approach and browse the provided map venue by venue. By clicking on any of the featured locations you will be capable of seeing what is being said about them, and figure out if the place is worth a visit or not.

Besides, since FourWhere is an entirely public service you don’t need to sign up or even disclose information of any kind. As long as you can surf the Web you will be able to benefit from this service, and realizing what is going on in your surroundings. You can also leave tips (IE, comments) for others to read, so that this service effectively works in both ways. In Their Own Words

“Start discovering the world around you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for figuring out which places in your close vicinity are worth a try and which ones to keep your distance from.

Some Questions About

Which countries are already covered by this service?