– Check In To Foursquare With Firefox

Foursquarefox.comHow keen are you on Foursquare? Because if you are really, really enthusiastic about the location-based service par excellence then giving this new solution a look is in your best interests.

Foursquarefox is a browser add-on for Firefox. And yes, it does exactly what its name suggests – it lets you experience Foursquare to the full in your browser. You will be able to see who is into which place, how many points they are earning and how close they are to taking that mayorship away from you. And all that will be done straight from your browser. Not having your mobile close at hand will no longer be a problem for being active on Foursquare. Your exact position will be determined via wifi.

Foursquarefox can be downloaded at just no cost. As long as you are running version 3.5 of Mozilla Firefox (or a newer one) you will be able to get it to work, without any kind of hitch or glitch. In Their Own Words

Foursquare for Firefox.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Even those without a smartphone will be able to check in to Foursquare now.

Some Questions About

What about other browsers?