– Determine If The Food You Eat Is Healthy

Foodical.comFoodical can be defined as a micro-blogging website in which people can keep track of the calories they habitually consume. That is, on the site just anybody can enter a meal and then receive a (rough) estimation of the calories in question.

The idea is that the user should do this regularly – that would enable him to track the way he is headed, and switch towards a healthier diet if that is what is needed.

Naturally, the site enables anybody to see what others are eating – the latest meals are highlighted on the main page, and the actual calories are specially spotlighted in each and every case. These range from “Three crumpets and three small chicken fajita with salad” (1097 calories) to “1 pear n 2 oz of cheese” (160 calories).

Note that when posting anything you can actually specify where it is that you are eating, and whether you are eating that for breakfast, lunch or dinner. That information certainly gives everything added context, and makes the whole process more involving for everybody. In Their Own Words

“Foodical is the social tool that allows you to share what you’re eating with your friends. It helps you to log & track your calories consumption, using foodical automatic calories calculator!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun way to track the food that you are consuming, and realize if your eating habits could do with a revision.

Some Questions About

How can people become motivated enough to come to the site and furnish the data that is needed every single day?