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FindBigMail.comFind Big Mail is an application that will let you have a tidier Gmail account. Generally speaking, what this (free) application does is to analyze your inbox and categorize all the emails that are sitting there so that you get to realize what is taking up the most space.

This is done by applying one of these three label: “My big mail”, “My really big mail” and “My ultra big mail”. And a report will also be generated just to make sure that you understand how judicious you are really being when it comes to the mails that you receive and decide to keep for posterity.

Find Big Mail is not only a free application – it is also a very easy-to-use one. The whole system is activated in a three-step process in which you grant Find Big Mail access to your Gmail account. And it is important to note that such a privilege can be revoked whenever you want. Find Big Mail will automatically stop having access to your inbox the moment you cease using it. In Their Own Words

“This website is brought to you by a couple of veteran software engineers who saw a problem and wanted to solve it. We found that you could in fact run out of email space with Gmail (or Google apps) and then what could you do? How can you fix things when you get “You have run out of space for your Gmail account”!

Sure, we could hook up an IMAP client and import all the mail (7+GB of it!) and then find the largest and remove it, but that wasn’t going to work for friends and family. They had no idea what an email client was!

So, we have this website. We’re both privacy nuts, so we were careful to build it so we never see your password or even your email messages. We just get the sizes and label them accordingly. And then, what the heck, we threw in a report so you could see how much big mail you have.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many people are unaware that Gmail does have its very own size limitations. This service will let them avoid running into unnecessary complications.

Some Questions About

What else can you do though this service?