– Send Large Files In A Breeze

FileBouncer.comThe transfer of big files is always something complicated for the average Internet user. He ends up resorting to a service like Rapidshare or Megaupload, and that often means he will have to share a download link that necessitates the person receiving the file to input a code and wait for a minute or two. Because the person is not going to sign up for an account if he can get the file uploaded for free. Such a process ends up being an annoyance for everybody.

That is precisely what File Bouncer is here to address. This is a new service that lets users upload files that can be as large as 1 GB, and receive a download URL that they will be able to send to their intended recipients.

Besides, File Bouncer allows users to send multiple files at once, and password-protect the ones they are sending. The way that this is handled is also highly-practical, as they can send the recipient the password for retrieving the file via SMS. In Their Own Words

“Send large files (Up to 1GB!) to anyone around the world for FREE.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes sharing files with friends and colleagues a safe and direct task.

Some Questions About

How long and/or complex can passwords be?