Feedlooks.com – Yet Another Reader Of RSS Feeds

Feedlooks.comDo we need more readers of RSS feeds? Some people seem to think that we do. And if that is an opinion you share, this is a site you would like to test for yourself.

It goes by the name of Feedlooks, and its tagline is “Feed reading done right”. It is an entirely browser-hosted solution that will let you check your feeds in an interface that makes the whole process actually resemble opening an email inbox. Elsewhere, there are not that many differences with other readers of feeds as it is possible to see only the newest items that have surfaced ever since you last launched Feedlooks.

And just like in Google Reader (and every other reader of feeds, really), it is possible to star items and read them later on, when you have the time. Only that in Feedlooks you are not “starring” them – rather, you are “pinning” them.

Other than that, Feedlooks comes with a couple of themes for you to have a more enlivening experience and use in lieu of the gray background that is displayed by default.

Feedlooks.com In Their Own Words

“Feedlooks is feed reading done right.”

Why Feedlooks.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a free tool, and it acquits itself pretty well, even if it doesn’t enhance the way in which feeds are read by leaps and bounds.

Some Questions About Feedlooks.com

Will people go for it? Feedlooks.com