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Feed2Mail.comKeep this service in mind if you’re ever using a computer that has limited connectivity and you just can’t access all the sites that you usually visit. As its name implies, Feed2Mail will let you remain updated on all the content that is posted on such sites via email. All you have to do is to point the application to the feed URLs of these websites you want to keep a close watch on, and supply the email address you want updates to be delivered to. And that’s the extent of data that you’ll have to submit. You won’t be asked for anything else, you won’t even have to register or create an account. You’ll be able to repeat the process for as many sites as you want to remain on top of.

And if you’re unsure what the feed URL for any site is, then that’s not a problem. Feed2Mail can guess it just by looking at what little info you might have. It has got a really cool auto-discover feature that can figure things out really fast.

And Feed2Mail is even better if you download and install the provided Chrome extension. It comes at no cost, and it will let you have interesting sites captured the minute you first set your eyes on them. No need to open a new browser tab, you’ll get them saved in one click.

Feed2Mail.com In Their Own Words

Get realtime, unlimited feed notifications via email for free! No registration required!

Some Questions About Feed2Mail.com

Isn’t the design of the site a bit skimpy for its own good? Shouldn’t its interface be reworked? Feed2Mail.com