Favrbox.com – Organizing All Your Bookmarks

Favrbox.comHave you bookmarked so many sites that going through them afterwards resembles a true journey through infinity? Well, if that is the case a service like Farvbox will let you do something about it. It will let you take all the bookmarks that you have, and arrange them into categorized collections.

You can have as many collections as you want, and you are the one who names them.

Each site that you add is presented as a box with a small preview, and you can tweak with lots of aspects – you can reorder sites within the category, and you can also set down their privacy settings. You can also modify some aesthetic aspects such as the color of the background, and choose the one that makes for easier reading.

Favrbox can be used by adding the provided button to your browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE are all supported to the same degree. Adding the button is a mere matter of dragging and dropping it into your navigation bar. For that point onwards, you will be able to add any site to your collection right when you are on it. Alternatively, you copy and paste the site’s URL manually. It’s up to you.

Favrbox.com In Their Own Words

“With Favrbox you can have your bookmarks categorized and organized into collections in a fun and easy way.”

Why Favrbox.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have a more ordered collection of bookmarks, and at no cost.

Some Questions About Favrbox.com

What makes this any better than other sites that provided comparable services? Favrbox.com