FathomDB.com – Bring Your Database Into The Cloud

FathomDB.comFathomDB announces itself to the world as “the easiest and best way to run a database on the cloud”. It makes such a claim based on the fact that it takes the concept of databases and propels it into the cloud, effectively turning the whole premise into something comparable to databases-as-a-service.

These databases have two immediate defining notes. First of all, they are relational. There is nothing to learn or rewrite if you are used to working with MySQL or any other standard format. And secondly, they are fully scalable. As the one implementing the service, you will be charged only for what you actually use – there are no up-front costs at all to be met.

Also, as every other cloud service that is available today the technical aspects and the actual running are something you don’t really have to care about – the company takes care of the setup, the backups and the daily monitoring of data. I advice you to give the “Pricing” section of the site a look in order to determine if such a service would be good value for money, or if you will keep on dealing with information the way you have always done.

FathomDB.com In Their Own Words

“FathomDB is the easiest and best way to run a database on the cloud.”

Why FathomDB.com It Might Be A Killer

It has all the advantages one associates with cloud computing, and the pricing is just right.

Some Questions About FathomDB.com

Is a free trial provided? FathomDB.com