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We live in the information age – an age where the attention span of people keeps on going down and down. News and data just pour in from more angles than it was previously imaginable. And if you have children of your own to raise, then that’s something to worry about. You should make a point of giving them the right help for becoming better-focused individuals from as early an age as possible. And that’s what a site like is here for.


Eye Can Learn is a site that features lots of games and exercises which have been created to let small children improve their visual attention. These are split in four main categories: “Perception“, “Tracking“, “Focusing” and “Eye Teaming“.

Taken as a whole, the games featured on this site can enhance any children’s visual focus as much as it’s needed for him to put up a more than competitive performance at school.

It must be pointed, though, that these exercises are not meant to substitute vision therapy. The exercises found on are meant to let children sharpen up their skills, not to correct deficiencies in visual information processing. You should go to an optometrist for that. You can locate one in your area by checking their national certifying board (found at


Author : Jason Taylor

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