ExtendedReach.com – Foster Home Management

ExtendedReach.comExtended Reach is a web-hosted application that can be used by foster parents in order to track children, and keep a neat record of all that is connected with them. That includes case notes, reports, outcomes, home licensings… All the paperwork that goes with managing a foster home becomes manageable online, in less time than it would take by traditional means.

And another praiseworthy aspect of Extended Reach is that it lets users have a website for their foster homes. So, these foster homes that are yet to go online will be able to do it in a way that is entirely effortless, and that will let the different people involved with the organization connect more readily among themselves.

Extended Reach is billed according to the number of children that are to be monitored. An unlimited number of case notes and reports can be dealt with, and the application also makes for having an unlimited number of users per foster home. You will be charged $ 1.50/children per week, and have full access to everything.

ExtendedReach.com In Their Own Words

An easy, affordable way to track children, foster homes, case notes, reports, and outcomes.

Why ExtendedReach.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let foster parents deal with less and less paperwork, and focus on the actual quality of the services they are providing.

Some Questions About ExtendedReach.com

Are you charged less the more children you track? Or is it always $ 1.50 per children? ExtendedReach.com