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ExamKick.comA site which is currently in beta, ExamKick gathers together exam papers from schools the width and breadth of the country in the hope of one day becoming the largest repository of such data on the Internet. Not only that, the site actually comes complete with a nifty simulator that lets anybody test his knowledge in a safe setting, without his grades being affected in one way or the other by a negative outcome. This simulator can correct exams automatically for the user, and the fact exams can be customized means users will always be able to have as much of a realistic experience as possible in terms of look and feel.

And there is even more to the site than that, as users are enabled to interact among themselves and provide each other both with mentoring and assistance. Those who are really knowledgeable when it comes to just any subject (such as algebra or math) are allowed to offer their insight to those who are younger and could really use some guidance.

ExamKick.com In Their Own Words

ExamKick is a totally free application that strives to be the largest single library of exam papers on the internet.

We aim to set the benchmark in our field of expertise and now you can set the benchmark in yours.

Why ExamKick.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives students access to both sample exams and mentorship in a way that is fast, intuitive and cost-effective.

Some Questions About ExamKick.com

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