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EtzTimesheetSolutions.comThis browser-hosted timesheet software is here to let recruitment agencies save on their back office costs by automating tedious processes as much as possible. By using Etz Timesheet, they’ll be able to have invoices generated from timesheets in less than 1 minute after the candidates have submitted them, and timesheets can actually be accepted in lots and lots of different formats – online, paper, Excel… as a matter of fact, timesheets can even be faxed. This means that people who haven’t got access to a computer will still be able to have their timesheets submitted and turned into invoices without having to disrupt what they’re doing that much.

Timesheets can be processed in any currency, overtime can be automatically calculated and billing rules for assignments can be easily set down. And Etz Timesheet enables users to create reminders that can be sent to candidates both via SMS and email.

In any case, of all of the timesheets that are entered receive a unique barcode that makes for indexing and processing them automatically. And clients are given the chance to sign timesheets by clicking on a secure encrypted link. That feature (which is completely original) effectively means that clients will be able to do without remembering usernames and passwords. In Their Own Words

Automate and streamline your back office processes with the most feature rich and automated timesheet solution on the market.

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Is this equally suitable to large and small companies? Or must companies have a certain infrastructure in order to maximize such a service?