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EpisodeCalendar.comThe Episode Calendar website does exactly what its name suggests: it lets you know when the next episode of a show you have taken to watching will air. You might think that such a service is superfluous, but cast you mind back to the remake of V which started being broadcast in 2009. If you do, you will remember that (for reasons not really clear to anybody) the show aired on clusters of episodes. That is, instead of a straight run of 12 episodes it aired in segments of 4 installments, many months apart one from the other.

That was an exemplary demonstration of how not to do things (and I am not even going to talk about the actual quality of the show). People have better things to do than having to check out for the next air dates (and in the case of V, installments were moved from one slot to the other). And if people had had a service like The Episode Calendar available then, the attacks on that show would surely have been less vociferous.

Using The Episode Calendar you are enabled to schedule email reminders when the next installment of a show that you have begun watching is about to air. And you can also check episodes off once you have watched them, so it can be said that the Episode Calendar will have you covered both before and after watching both the shows you have always liked, and any new one that seems promising.

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Never miss an episode!

Why EpisodeCalendar.com It Might Be A Killer

Not only can you keep tabs on all the shows you are watching, through this site you can also receive notifications whenever new episodes are about to air.

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In which senses could this service be expanded and broadened? EpisodeCalendar.com