Engag.io – Track Social Conversations

Engag.ioKeeping track of all the conversations you have on social sites like Facebook and Twitter has just become too difficult for its own good. But it’s something that you have to do, for the simple reason that social sites are more than just a place where you hang out with your friends. They have become the place in which professional interactions take place. Your career might even come to depend on something that you’ve said to someone there.

So, nobody would question the importance that a tool like Engagio can turn to have. Simply put, Engagio is a social inbox for all of your social conversations. This new service works not only with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but also with Foursquare, Tumblr, Google+ and Disqus, and it lets you recollect what was spoken to any person there. Not only that, it also lets you explore the profiles of any person you have interacted with. You won’t have to go to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn just to check the person’s profile, Engagio brings that information in the same page for you.

By all standards, I think there’s no denying that Engagio has got some potential. Let’s just hope it fares better than Power.com, a now-defunct site that also tried to create an inbox for all of your social interactions. Time will tell whether Engagio has a longer lifespan, but I think it’s fair to assume it will, what with the increasing importance that social networking has got in the lives of even people who not so long ago were dead against having a Facebook account.

Engag.io In Their Own Words

Engag.io is your inbox for online conversations and relationships.

Some Questions About Engag.io

How will this service be marketed and promoted? Who is it primarily aimed at? Engag.io