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eHardhat.comContractors that are looking for a smooth way to manage all their projects, estimate costs and cover all their invoicing needs are well-advised to set their browsers to this site. eHardhat is a simple and effective web tool that can do all that and more.


eHardhat provides contractors with a functional dashboard for seeing all their activity at a glance. They can see these projects that are lined up, review (and update) their clients and have an accurate understanding of their cash flow at all times.

eHardhat can be tried for free, and paid plans start at $ 14 per month. That is the basic plan, and it will let you have up to 10 active employees and 7 concurrent projects. If you need more, then you will have to go for any of the other three paid plans that are offered (Standard, Plus and Premium). The number of employees and projects you can have is unlimited when it comes to the most expensive plans, and so is the number of invoices you can send per month. In Their Own Words

eHARDHAT is the simple and effective choice for Contractors to manage all your projects, invoicing and estimating contracts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized platform, and as such it will let contractors handle all that has got to do with their businesses with minute precision.

Some Questions About

For how long can you try eHardhat for free? Can that period be extended?


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