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EggZack.comEggZack is a platform for the distribution of local content. Its tagline is “Post it once, get it everywhere”, and it will serve small businesses and organizations best.

In essence, these can post their content just once and then EggZack will push it everywhere, making it reach out to people that otherwise would just not come across it. This is done by having it featured all across the social web, blogs, local and national online newspapers, online event calendars and virtually any old place in which its visibility will be increased. The client’s own site and blog are likewise updated by the company.

Of course, the resources are also provided for users to track how many times their content was read, and from which sources. In this way, they can see where it is eliciting the best response, and what could be done in order to engage the least receptive parts of the audience – always bearing in mind that not everybody will fall head over heels for it, that’s it.

It is important to stress that the content which can be published through the site includes far more than mere articles or posts. Actually, you can post special offers and discounts along with press releases, so that anything you want to promote can be put across this way, and reach the intended ears without you overstruggling that much. In Their Own Words

“We are a digital marketing and broadcasting platform. We help small businesses and organizations post their local content, such as news, events, press releases, and special offers, once and automatically broadcast it to the places where people will read it. We automatically update our client’s website, Facebook, Twitter, blog and more. We also broadcast it to local and national websites, blogs, social networks, and more. To measure ROI, clients can track where their content was read and what is working in real time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for more exposure for your small business, blog or any venture this can be counted upon.

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