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eFaqt.comCombining a great service with a great overall user interface, eFaqt is a platform that students the world over are certainly going to feel valuable.

In general, we can say that eFaqt makes for studying textbooks in a more effective way. This is felt in how it lets users summarize and annotate textbooks online, and have these annotations shared with other students who are also going through these very same books.

Additionally, users of eFaqt are allowed to generate mind maps and have them shared with other students. In this way, knowing how to tackle tricky books becomes an even easier task – anybody will be able to see how people that are more knowledgeable are proceeding, and follow in their steps.

Using eFaqt is as simple as signing up for an account (for free), and then individualizing the book that you want to go through. Plus, paid accounts are also available and will let those who go for them collaborate to an even fuller extent.

eFaqt.com In Their Own Words

Study more effectively and improve your grades.

Why eFaqt.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives the ones who have trouble concentrating a framework in which they can effectively be more productive.

Some Questions About eFaqt.com

In which ways is the free version of eFaqt limited? eFaqt.com