Dushare.com – Sharing Files Directly

Dushare.comDushare aims to become the easiest way for people to share files online. Technically, we can call it a direct P2P file-transfer system.

You can send anything to a friend directly, and he can claim the file right away. Moreover, you are provided with a messaging platform that will let you talk to each other at all points of the process – you can crack a joke or two while the file is being transferred, and your friend will be able to tell you if the file was received in one piece once the transfer’s done.

The one advantage of a direct peer connection like the one championed by Dushare is that files don’t need to be first uploaded by one person and then downloaded by the other. Rather, files are transferred in real time. As soon as the connection is made and the file is shared, your friend will start receiving it.

Dushare is also a completely free platform. You will be able to test out how practical it can turn out to be right now. Simply head straight to the site with a friend and try sending out a file or two.

Dushare.com In Their Own Words

“Send files to friends directly, without uploading to a server, no size limits & maximum speed!”

Why Dushare.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes sharing files as easy and instant as merely clicking a link.

Some Questions About Dushare.com

How will Dushare evolve beyond its current point? Dushare.com