Dudmail.com – Disposable Email Address

Dudmail.comNew applications in the vein of Why Spam Me, Postacin and MailCatch never go unnoticed, for the simple reason that spammers get meaner by the hour and they keep on devising ways of collecting email addresses and blasting their tortuous messages from all conceivable angles. The only way to fight them back is by creating even more flexible applications and services. And Dudmail is exactly that.

On Dudmail, anybody is enabled to get a free email address to use whenever he fears that disclosing his “real” address would mean he will be burned for ever and ever. Dudmail will let him parry the attacks of spammers in the most forceful way of all, by having unwarranted messages directed to such a provisional address. And the temporary inboxes one can create through this site come both with email forwarding and support for attachments.

Dudmail, then, stands as a truly practical way to ensure you won’t be added to unwanted mailing lists, and to avoid using an email address that can be easily associated with you. The service costs nothing, and you can get started without even having to sign up first.

Dudmail.com In Their Own Words

Dudmail.com – free disposable email addresses and email forwarding (with attachments!).

Some Questions About Dudmail.com

Will this service always be provided for free? Or will some paid features come at a later date? Dudmail.com