Drawtivity.org – Drawing Activities For Students

Drawtivity.orgIf you are a teacher and you want to make it easier for your students to carry out learning activities that involve drawing on images, then check this service out. It goes by the name of Drawtivity, and it is available to just any person who wants to give it a try – the Drawtivity system can be readily installed and deployed into any server. And once it is up and running, students will be able to draw just whatever they are instructed to, and the consequent feedback will be deliverable in a way as direct and smooth as only the Internet makes it possible. Plus, educators will be able to use and reuse activities as many times as they need afterwards.

The site comes with lots of example activities and a very complete introductory video that will guide you through all the finest points of the application. And a search tool will let you go through all these activities that others have created, so that having something suitable to use with your students is turned into an even easier task.

Drawtivity.org In Their Own Words

Drawtivity is an e-learning tool for creating on-line activities that involve drawing and feedback. As an Open Education Resource authoring tool, Drawtivity facilitates the sharing, reuse and adaptation of these activities.

Why Drawtivity.org It Might Be A Killer

It will let educators do their job in a way that is both faster and more ordered.

Some Questions About Drawtivity.org

How many languages are meant to be eventually supported? Drawtivity.org