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DonationPay.orgIf you’ve just started a non-profit, the last thing you can do is to buy a fancy software application that costs a king’s ransom to process donations. Granted, such a thing would help a lot. But you have other expenses to meet. And (luckily) there are services like this one to help you save money, and still get things done in the most professional of ways.

Simply put, is a management system for donations. It lets you have a donation page that’s actually built to meet the aesthetics of your company, and which comes with full support for social sites. People who find out about your non-profit and who relate to what you’re doing will be able to share the news with all their friends in a breeze.

And something that’s really great is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get your money. No, the money is deposited on your account daily, so that you can get it whenever you need.

And you can also tell that DonationPay has been specifically created for non-profits by looking at the price that’s charged: as little as $19.95 per month, and 3% on top of each transaction (4.8% on some high-rate corporate and international cards). No other fees have to be paid. In Their Own Words

Online donation processing and fundraising.

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What about trying the service for free before signing up for it? Is that possible?