– Add Movies To NetFlix

CueThat.comYou could never complain about how difficult it is to add movies to your NetFlix queue, because that is simplicity in itself. Yet, such a process could become even more agile and faster. A service like Cue That makes that possible.

In essence, Cue That is a browser plug-in that will let you add any movie that you have learned about when browsing the Web to your NetFlix queue by merely clicking on its name.

Supported browsers include both Firefox and Chrome. And those running IE and Safari have also been taken into account, as they can drag a button into their bookmark bars, and begin saving movies in a similar fashion.

Besides, it is important to mention that all the movies that have been bookmarked via Cue That are aggregated and displayed on the homepage. Useful for when you are short of ideas and need a movie to enliven the long evening ahead. In Their Own Words

This is a browser plugin, which allows you to select a movie title on any webpage and send that movie directly to your Netflix queue.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns the process of adding movies to NetFlix into something faster than it already is.

Some Questions About

What about mobile browsers? Are they supported to the same extent?