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Crusher – Hip and Easy Online Invitations

CrusherStop sending your friends Evites—you simply will not get them to come with an e-invite, it’s on the verge of top-notch gauche-ness. Instead consider the utterly simple and clean-cut Crusher.


The invitation service does all the standard tricks: you can invite pals and keep track of the responses. Your guests can even help you pick a date if you want. For the DIY types Crusher allows complete customization—there’s a CSS editor built in so you can tweak the color scheme and fonts. You can add maps and calendar links also, photos and videos. The site doesn’t have any garish ad banners and guests don’t have to go through the rigomarole of signing up.

Crusher In Their Own Words

“Send invites to your events & events you go to!
Out of frustration with existing invitation sites
and a lack of better options, we decided
to build Crusher. We like it so far.
We think you’ll like it too :)”

Why Crusher It Might Be A Killer

Crusher is a breath of fresh air. It’s very clean and streamline, yet flexible. Aimed for a younger crowd, it doesn’t put on affectations. Users can design their own invites and for once, you don’t have to become a member.

Some Questions About Crusher

Is Crusher too lightweight? Can it get a foothold in the event invitation industry? How will it make a profit without ads or fees?



Author : Siri Marshall

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