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CrowdPlace.comNot all of the conversations you have on social sites are actually relevant or transcendent. The personal and the professional often mingle, even on a site like Facebook. And that can be a problem later on, when you need to find links or any other kind of information that some contact shared with you when you were connected. You’ll most likely find it, but it can end up taking more time that you really can afford. And that’s why having a service like CrowdPlace around is such a good idea.


Basically, CrowdPlace lets you categorize all the different conversations that you have on sites such as Facebook in different channels. You can have as many of these as you need, and their names are entirely customizable, too. You can have a channel for the friends you’ve known since you were young, and one for the people that have just come into your life. You can have a channel for your boss, and for every person who’s above you, and then another for your subordinates. The site’s absolutely open-ended in that sense, so that even if you have thousands of contacts you’ll find a place for every one of them.

A CrowdPlace account can be created here. There’s no different plans to choose from, or anything like that. You’ll get to create as many channels as you want at once, and for free. In Their Own Words

We let you save your favorite content into a customized stream of useful information.

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What other uses could a site like this one have? What about exploring its recreational side more?


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