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CreateToday.comWhat do you do when you want to send someone a birthday card and you are unable to find one that conveys all that you feel for the person? Easy. You point your browser to this site, and proceed to create one of your very own.

On Create Today, users are enabled to design and print cards and wall art of every kind through a really supple interface. They are allowed to upload their very own content, and also to browse the Create Today database until they find an image or illustration that suits what they have in mind.

The Create Today database, incidentally, is nurtured by the contributions of designers that are actually paid for their involvement. So, the site can turn to be a truly valid source of income for those who have the time and the skill to keep collaborating to it. And since all the necessary resources for transferring artwork to a computer are actually provided on the website, even those who are new to the game will be more than catered for. In Their Own Words

Born out of passions for both creativity and the Internet, we want to revolutionise the way people can use creative content in products – like greetings cards, post cards, wall art and more!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for people to create cards of their very own, and for people who are artistically-oriented to make a profit.

Some Questions About

What else are you meant to be able to create through the site in the future?