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Courteous.lyWhen sending out emails, it is just too easy to get angry with the recipient if he takes what it seems too long to answer our missives. We often fail to realize that people can be located in faraway countries, and that a reasonable time for us might be an utterly inappropriate time for them to read a message and answer it back. That can be easily worked out – it just takes a little common sense. But there are other reasons that might keep people from answering emails instantly, and these include being weighed down by too much work. Traditionally, you (as the sender of the message) have no way of knowing such a thing. You would have to read their minds to know about that. Or to look into their email inboxes to realize just how many emails they have received, and have to answer back.

Well, this web service lets you do the latter. Any user of can publish his email load, and let people keep an eye on it. This monitoring process can take multiple aspects into account. It can look at unread messages in an inbox, at the total number of messages there, and also at how much emails the user has been sending recently. Then, a status will be adjudicated to the email load (Light, Normal or High) for his friends/coworkers to take into account. In Their Own Words

In short, is a service for showing people your current email load. After you give access to your Gmail account, it periodically checks your email load.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a greatly-practical way to give others an unequivocal understanding of how busy you really are.

Some Questions About

Why only three statuses? What about adding more?