– Have A Much Simpler Calendar

Coolendar.comCoolendar is for all the people who for any reason or the other just feel unhappy with the current calendars that can be used both online and offline. Coolendar simplifies the whole approach as much as it could be simplified, and presents itself as a far more streamlined alternative.

For starters, Coolendar does away with the grid view that we all have become accustomed to by now, and has it replaced with a plain list highlighting which activities are forthcoming. This might not sound like the brightest idea, but if you try it out you will find it feels entirely natural just after a while.

Besides, Coolendar lets you apply tags to any group event that you are attending (or arranging). This will let you and your buddies become organized far more directly – anybody can check who is attending what by using the relevant keyword.

And the extensive alerting capabilities of Coolendar also merit a mention. You can choose to be reminded about upcoming events in lots of way: by phone, email, IM, Twitter…

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it offers an easy alternative to something that should not be complex to begin with.

Some Questions About

Will people go for it?