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Contactually.comContactually is a tool for making the best out of your email contacts. This new application can go through your inbox, and by looking at who you email more often figure out who your key relationship are. And then, start prioritizing the messages they send you, so that you never miss a single important email again.

What’s more, Contactually can remind you to follow up with leads, and also with any kind of contact that could let you take your career forward. The idea is to let you stay on top of all these relationships that could play a somehow important role in your professional life. And Contactually does just all the hard work for you. It can synchronize your email contacts to your CRM, so that all your relationships can be captured at once.

And it must also be mentioned that Contactually can be put to more personal uses. Since the application connects your email inbox with your Facebook account, it can ran remind you about birthdays and other important events.

Contactually works with all email providers, and also with all mobile devices. You can start a free trial just by signing up with your email address. In Their Own Words

Contactually helps you stay top of mind with people that matter, by connecting to your e-mail and social accounts and automatically reminding you who to follow up with.

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