– For The Creation Of Comic Books its name implies, Comic Master is an online tool that can be used for the creation of comic books and graphic novels.

This tool can be used at just no cost, and the comics that are created can then be shared with all your friends and contacts on the Social Web.

Comic Master has a library of backgrounds and characters that can be used in every comic book that is created. And in any case, users can upload their very own in order to give everything that further touch of personality.

One might think that a service like Comic Master is primarily going to be put to leisure uses. Yet, that would be a mistake. The truth is that such an Internet tool will be of great aid to educators that want their students to become more involved in anything they have to learn. For example, think how practical such a service can be for learning about any historical character. It will make it all resemble a game, and (consequently) be apprehended more easily by the children. In Their Own Words

Graphic novel creator.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it will cater both for the ones who love comics and for educators who wish to further entice their students.

Some Questions About

How long can these comic books be?