– Create Events And Invite People is a web application for the creation and the management of events. Clubs, societies and other such groups will be able to keep all their members notified about these events that are coming up next, and if there is a change of plans then everybody will know everything on the spot. also simplifies the work of group managers a lot since it lets them import contact lists for other applications, and have all the people in any list automatically invited to join the group.

Plus, is really interesting as far as users are concerned since it will let them find events to attend right where they are, based on their tastes and preferences. And once they have found an event that really fires them up, then they can have it promoted the social way. And the ones who become more involved will be rewarded for their efforts with badges and similar accolades to emblazon their profiles with. In Their Own Words

Start your own group, create events and get together…

Why It Might Be A Killer

Group managers will be able to manage everything far more quickly through such a service.

Some Questions About

Which functionalities could be added, now?