– An Intelligent Calendar

ClockShare.comWe can define Clock Share as an intelligent calendar that will let you centralize all your online bookings. If you are the kind of person who uses different calendars in order to set down your daily appointments, then you already know the hassle of having to copy one entry from one the other so that there is no overlapping.

And that is exactly what Clock Share wants to put an end to. It will let you make all the appointments that you need to make at once, and confirm that you are attending in real time. And if you are hosting a party or a related event, then your friends will be able to confirm that they are attending straight from their very own calendars.

On the other hand, the site has a whole section which is devoted to service providers. There, they can learn how to use a scheduling program and show the available slots in their calendars. People will be able not only to make their own appointments on the spot, but also to tell their friends about what these companies do, and their overall availability. In Their Own Words

“Do everything from one calendar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Having to deal with more than one calendar is always nightmarish. There will be a conflict of schedules at one point or the other for sure. A service such as this one makes things smoother for everybody.

Some Questions About

What features are forthcoming, and exactly when?