– Send Files For Free

Need a fast way to send large videos or other media to that friend who’s holidaying in Europe, and don’t feel like going for one of these services that let you have bulky files uploaded only if you’re willing to pay for it? No problem. A service like Click 2 Copy is going to let you have your files sent over, using only your browser, and without having to pay a cent.

Click 2 Copy works by creating a direct connection between computers, no matter where the users are located, and regardless of being behind firewalls or proxy servers. Click 2 Copy can always work out a way around these kind of barriers, and let any two people create a channel to have their files exchanged. One uploads the file, and the other can get it by clicking on the link that’s created.

Click 2 Copy lets you send files of any size, and it always gives you full upload bandwidth. And just in case you worry a lot about privacy, you must know that no files are stored on any server. Nobody else will ever see or get what you’re sharing. In Their Own Words

Click2Copy overcomes common problems in modern communication protocols: It connects two computers independent of their geographical locations and their network restrictions. It doesn’t matter whether you or your recipients are behind a firewall or a proxy server: Click2Copy is smart enough to connect your computers, establish a secured channel between them and transfer any amount of data over this channel on the speed of your actual connection.

You might think, there already exist software packages accomplishing this task, but: In order to use this wonderful piece of technology you don’t need to install any complicated software at all, Click2Copy is working directly in your browser! And guess what? It’s absolutely free of charge!